Album Review: Grouplove ‘Never Trust A Happy Song’

Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Andrew Wessen, and Trevor Rabin’s son Ryan are back and here with their debut album, ready to give you Grouplove. This American indie band are following the success of their excellent self-titled EP with their new album Never Trust A Happy Song and believe me, after one listen to this CD you’ll have faith in their sound and music as a whole again.

Itchin’ On a Photograph is the perfect snap to kick this album off. Once the guitars, drums and vocal start up the amps you’ll be a fan in a flash. Remember how good American rock sounded in the nighties? Well, it’s back and with this band here to stay. The great lyrics and vocals continue on the tantalising Tongue Tied, which is a tasty number. Much like Lovely Cup and the pastel perfection and artistic direction of Colours. As this album brews up and takes shape, this band both solidify their sound and their place in the mainstream of rock music. These Los Angeles king and queens deserve their recognition in the gold coast of music.

The California cool comes right back on the burner Slow, which acts as the perfect, top-down driving music. Then it’s time to hit the beach for the skinny dipping nostalgia of the track Naked Kids, which is a homage to youth. The twisting pace of Spun, keeps the good times rolling with the perfect track to listen to on a night out with your best and closest. This tight unit then get romantic on the back to back loving jams, Bettys a Bombshell and Chloe. These muse’s make for the perfect musical inspirations; it’s hard to choose between the two girls.

Your pick of this set, though, has to be the anthem Love Will Save Your Soul, which looks to be a hit from here to the rest of the world and back to the West-Coast. Forget Sex On Fire, this band’s soul is with a heart-filled epic number that will leave you singing and repeating all night long. Better take your ipod’s off shuffle for this one. Never Trust A Happy Song, changes its upbeat nature for the track titled Cruel and Beautiful World, but this down-to-earth track is still great. The perfect closer comes with another singled-out, chart worthy, billboard bound song in Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten. This track’s so good it feels ready made for the top five, let alone the top ten. As you open your eyes and realise this album is over, you’ll want to count through the tracklisting again as this album really takes you away to brighter, Californian climates. This is the perfect, sweet escape and sound, especially in the falling summer. Still, even when autumn and winter come around, it’s clear this band will still be here. These guys are ready for the long haul.

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