An Aussie Simpsons-Themed Band May Have Just Started A War With That Ned Flanders Metal Band

As the great philosopher Homer Simpson once sang, “Everybody in the USA hates their stupid neighbour. He’s Flanders and he’s really, really, lame.”

Well, apparently not everyone in Australia is okilly dokilly with that jerk, Flanders either, because a Simpsons-themed band from Melbourne has just thrown some max power-shade at Okilly Dokilly, a rival Simpsons-themed heavy metal outfit, inspired by the moustachioed neighbourino himself.

Get ready to strap yourself in and feel the G’s, because locals Dr. Colossus have penned a sassy diss track that’s bound to turn the green-sweater-wearing Arizona riff chuggers’ leftorium into an emporium of woe.


And although the Aussie Simpsons doom-rockers have claimed that the track, naturally titled Stupid. Sexy. Flanders., isn’t so much a diss on Okilly Dokilly as it is the actual Ned Flanders himself, we can see right through their excuses like this notoriously crotch-hugging ski-suit:

flanders gif

“It is purely coincidental this has been released only days after a Ned Flanders themed band decided to destroy the internet. Probably…” the band posted on Facebook.

So far, “the world’s only Nedal band” has yet to respond to the Flanders-dissin’ track, but we bet they’re preparing to unleash some hell-diddly-ding-dong-crap on their kididdlehoppers!

flanders evil

Or maybe not. Because we all know that Flanders, you can’t upset him even slightly, he just smiles and nods politely, then goes home and worships nightly.

Say your prayers, Dr. Colossus… Because the schools can’t force you like they should!

Check out the Melbourne duo’s anti-Flanders track Stupid. Sexy. Flanders. below. Then 20 other real-life bands inspired by The Simpsons, who are no doubt penning their own diss-tracks as we speak.

Listen: Dr. Colossus – Stupid. Sexy. Flanders.

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Ah stuff it…it's midnight in New Zealand.Please enjoy 'Stupid Sexy Flanders'*It is purely coincidental this has…

Posted by Dr. Colossus on Sunday, August 16, 2015

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