Anonymous Keyboard Warrior Sends Death Threats To Garbage Frontwoman

Keyboard muscles are one of the worst side effects associated with the internet, and many celebrities, some more deserving than others, have felt the full force of this, most recently Shirley Manson, vocalist for iconic rockers Garbage.

What makes this one all the more creepy is that ‘He’ has sent hundreds of messages to the singer under a fake name. @Gunn2urhead – known only as Ray Gunn according to NME – has been harassing Manson non-stop, throwing around all sorts of accusations, whether it be saying she’s a practicing witch, cheating on her husband or being a telepath. Seems legit.

Manson’s manager, Paul Kremen, called the fuzz on the e-Creep. The LAPD have since issued a warrant for more information on the account from Twitter’s executives. The warrent reads: “[Manson] stated that she is in great fear for her and her family’s safety due to the nature of the threats, the sheer volume of them and the ‘crazy’ sounding messages being posted towards her. She stated she has never had anything like this on this level occur to her and she is very frightened and wants the threats to be investigated fully.”

Though there hasn’t been any new threats since June 21, the police are still chasing the guy, or girl. Check out some of their whack tweets below.





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