This App Creates Original Music In Real Time So You Don’t Have To

Here’s a new algorithm that will freak you out – a computer generated one that’s able to compose and produce original scores right before your very… ears?

Meet Mubert. A new app that, a lot like a radio station, will pump through tunes for you around the clock.

However, unlike even the most forward-thinking FM dial, Mubert creates the music as it goes. How exactly? Well, there’s some – limited – information available on its official website… which also appears to be in Russian… But according to Google, it translates to:

“Hello , Mubert. I listened with interest to you a couple of days and I think that the idea of the music generation algorithm is progressive and definitely not go unnoticed . No doubt , in the future you will listen instead of radio and streaming services , if there will be a function of personal music management.”

Other than that, the site tells us that the algorithm can produce bangers of the trap, chill step, trance, ambient, liquid funk and deep house variety which is…’niche’ to say the least, however there’s talk of more styles to come in the future, according to The Next Web.

The algorithm might shuffle around a small surface area in terms of choice, but the songs it does produce are actually worthy additions to the genres. Like, we’ll hear worse at 2am in a suburban nightclub made by an actual human.

The site carries the disclaimer that you may experience problems in broadcasting due to high amounts of traffic to the site so, damn. The internet is crashing this thing already.

You can check out how Mubert works here.

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