Arcadia Australia Are Using Hectic New Technology To Foil Fence Jumpers This Weekend

Punters who attempt to jump the fence at Arcadia Australia this weekend will be fed to its giant fire-breathing mechanical spider.


Well, not quite. But they will be doing battle with some pretty serious obstacles if they decide to give it ago, and facing some pretty serious consequences if they somehow manage to succeed.

Organisers have issued a stern warning to any prospective fence-jumpers, saying they’ll be taking a “zero tolerance approach” to the crime at the festival’s debut Aussie event, which kicks off in Perth this Friday. And what’s more, they’ll be going all-out to ensure that only bonafide ticket-holders get to enjoy the festivities, enlisting some pretty nuts new technology to make the Aussie Spectacular fencejump-proof.

As well as beefing up the police presence at the inaugural event, promoters The Event Agency will also be erecting a “two-storey high sea container wall… along The Esplanade road front instead of fencing to create an impenetrable perimeter”, as well as trialling “a new type of non-drying lubricant ink… along double fence lines to create a non-grip slippery surface that temporarily stains hands and clothing for up to three weeks, making it easier to identify any trespassers who breach the perimeter fence.”

So, unless you’re actually Superman, then chances are if you try to get into Arcadia without paying then you’ll end up getting caught, probably with ink on your face.

The Event Agency’s Managing Director Nikki Graski reckons they’re cracking down for a number of reasons: “Fence jumpers display aggressive criminal behaviours are disruptive and inconsiderate to everyone who has bought a ticket,” she says.

“Attitudes towards staff have become disrespectful and dangerous and over time it will also increasingly harm Perth’s reputation, as a place to hold major outdoor events and that will affect the vibrancy of our entertainment scene,” she adds, warning: “I would encourage all West Australians to consider what this unsafe behaviour means for the future of events in Western Australia. If it continues it will deter event promoters and the incredible events in this state will cease.”

And The Event Agency have pretty much declared all-out war against fence jumpers, angling for harsher legal punishments for the crime.

“In addition to the short-term measures, The Event Agency is lobbying for long-term legislative change to deter fence jumping activity,” she says. “The proposed change will need to include on the spot fines and criminal charges, as well as a paid police presence at events. Both these strategies have had great success on the east coast and are becoming a much needed addition in WA event planning.”

And it’s not just fence-jumping. Arcadia organisers will be cracking down on all forms of antisocial behaviour this weekend, including “drug use and excessive alcohol consumption”.

“We want to create an environment for people to have fun, take care of themselves and each other, and enjoy this incredible Australian-first experience,” Graski says.

The Australian debut of Arcadia will kick off this Friday, 25th November and run til Sunday, 27th November at Perth’s Elizabeth Quay, with performances from the likes of Alison Wonderland, Carmada, Elk Road, Leftfield (DJ set) and many more.

Catch all the details below.

Arcadia Spectacular Australia 2016 Lineup

Shy Fx

Yallorr Keeninyarra

Arcadia’s The Landing Show + Lords Of Lightning


Zeke Beats

Mashd N Kutcher

Black & Blunt



Michael Db,

Pilerats Ones To Watch


Leftfield (DJ Set)

Alison Wonderland


Elk Road

Arcadia Spectacular Australia 2016

Tickets available now

Friday, 25th November – Sunday, 27th November

Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Tickets: Arcadia Australia

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