Artist Imagines The “Dark Side” Of Classic Album Art

A crafty designer has explored a whole other side to music’s most famous album art. Literally. In the creative series, The Dark Side of the Covers, Flickr user Harvezt has imagined what the reverse side of iconic album covers would look like, often with a distinctly sinister twist.

Taking iconic covers by Nirvana, David Bowie, The Beatles, Rage Against The Machine, The Velvet Underground, Iron Maiden and a bunch more, the artist unveils the artwork’s imaginative underbelly, breathing new life into an art form that is becoming increasingly obsolete in a digital age.

Each set comes with a small explanation of the history behind the album and its original artwork. In the gallery below we’ve compiled a few of our favourites.

Gallery: The Dark Side Of The Covers

For the entire series, head over to Harvezt’s The Dark Side Of The Covers Flickr page.

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