Aussie Metal Musician Solitary Son & His Former Girlfriend Found Dead

Remains found in a Southport apartment on Friday have been confirmed as those of 24-year-old Gold Coast metal identity Bronson Ellery and 20-year-old Shelsea Schilling, his former partner. Ellery recorded and performed music under the pseudonym Solitary Son.

At this stage, no official cause of death has been revealed, though Queensland Police confirm they are “investigating the deaths of a man and woman”.

Schilling’s mother Bonnie Markwell Mobbs has taken to Facebook to suggest the deaths may have been a murder-suicide, writing, “Bastard had no life took his and my baby girl. Rott [sic] in hell Bronson. Let my angle be safe.”

News Corp Australia sources suggest the initial investigation suggests this could in fact be a double-homicide. That theory is being contested, after Ms Markwell Mobbs shared a note (below) supposedly written by her daughter, in which she pens the chilling line, “I’m sorry to be so negative but I want everyone to know that if I get hurt or die Bronson Ellery (person in picture) is responsible…”

Over the past few years, Ellery gained attention within the metal community after forming his one-man metal project. The last we heared from the polarising figure about his music was that a new album, Searching Souls, which he wrote during a stint in prison, was going to be “better and heavier” than his previous work.

However, it appears Ellery’s links to outlaw motorcycle club Bandidos took precedence over his music. Ellery was well-known to police, who identified him as ‘Lizard Man’.

Read Bonnie Markwell Mobbs’ statement featuring her daughter’s note, below.

For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

If you need assistance, 1800 RESPECT – the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service — can be reached on 1800 737 732, while Lifeline can be reached on 13 11 14.

Watch: Solitary Son – ‘In Memory Of Us All’

Bonnie Markwell Mobbs Statement (13/11/16 Via Facebook)

Shelsea wrote this when Bronson was in jail and was scared for her life.
Rest in peace my beautiful angel Shelsea schilling

For Bronson.
The man I want was the man I had.
He made me happy bFor Bronson.
The man I want was the man I had.
He made me happy but loved to make me sad.
Dreams of shadows becoming clear,
The man of my dreams is my biggest fear.
As cool as can be, nothing gets to him.
The ice runs deep from limb to limb.
He compliments me and thinks of ways to see my teeth.
But I know he only wants what’s beneath.
Am I the one he wants to keep?
He’s got me questioning if our love is ocean deep
I stayed and I waited
Cause I didn’t want to walk alone
But the longer I stayed, the less it felt like home
His first language is liar, not something I desire
The man I had has changed me
He had hopes to de-rail me
Box me up and chain me
The man I had I don’t even know anymore
So easily he would throw me to the floor and watch me pour
Without hesitation, he’s unpredictable
What he’s done is unforgivable
Threats and accusations
Thought it was all miscommunication
Still I think of him, because he’s the man i wanted all to myself
Girls be careful what you wish for, you might wish for hell
He’s sitting in a cell
I had no other option
I ask myself: Was it all worth it in the end?
Will he understand, can we make amends?
You won’t know until the time has come
Where he’s looking at you from behind a gun.
He showed me the real world and taught me that bad people are out there doing bad things.
And what consequence brings
How to get away with it,
Make everyone scared
All while pushing away the only ones who cared
He’s got me wondering how long I’ve got to live
Will It depend on what he’s willing to give..
The crazy lifestyle is more than just a look
It’s not something you can read in a book
Some people are born this way
And love every minute of every day
They think they’re living life right
All they want to do is win the fight
There’s people that act and people that do
People that follow through
Follow through with thoughts they have in their head
The type of thinking where people end up dead.
I’m sorry to be so negative but I want everyone to know that if I get hurt or die Bronson Ellery (person in picture) is responsible or Chris cairns doing his dirty work…
I’ve have seen first hand what they do and would never post this for attention.
To all the girls suffering from domestic violence please speak up. Be brave, because at any moment anything can happen.
And to the guys that are doing this, please seek help.
And hello to the people that are spying for these friends of theirs. Good company you keep. Just remember at anytime they can put you in their bad book and who’s going to help you then you loved to make me sad.

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