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Aussie Metalheads To Unite For Huge Group Performance Of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’

Say your prayers, little one, because at least 100 metal musos are about to turbo-blast Metallica‘s nightmare lullaby Enter Sandman through the Melbourne airwaves like some kind of demonic metal army.

Yes, the annual Darebin Music Feast is chucking a Ktulu and putting the call out to local metalheads wanting to get involved in a huge mass performance of the Black Album classic as one of the their flagship 2016 events.

The invitation is open to “guitarists and all heavy metal enthusiasts”, who can register to chug riffs alongside internationally acclaimed artist Joseph O’Farrell at the historic gig, which is scheduled to take place on the blackest day of them all, Halloween AKA Monday, 31st October from 5:30pm at the Northcote Town Hall Forecourt.

“All at once and all together, a barrage of guitars will fill the air in this unique and glorious live music experience,” reads the official event website. “It’s a celebration of teenage rebellion, the journey of playing in a garage band and turning up your stereo to 11 to live your rock star dream. Be part of rock history!”

*Headbanging allowed*

So strap on your axe, warm up your pipes, take the three hours you need to pack up your drum kit, transport it to Northcote and then set it up again and get ready to unleash the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head, because this shit is gonna be EPIC.

To participate in the event all you need to do is email with your name and instrument.

Oh and extra points for rocking a mean set of handlebars circa 1991 “cowardly lion” Hetfield.

For more info on the Darebin Music Feast lineup and events, check out their official website, and ICYMI, Metallica have a brand new album called Hardwired… To Self Destruct which is due to drop on Friday, 18th November.

As Hetfield himself would say: “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Watch: Metallica – ‘Enter Sandman’

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