Aussie Muso Abbe May Is Sick Of Facebook Censoring Her Album Title

Perth-based singer-songwriter Abbe May is less than pleased at having the title of her upcoming album Bitchcraft censored and replaced with something more palatable when she posts it on Facebook.

May, who will tour the country with her new single Doomsday Clock in November and December, has taken to the social medium she holds issue with to post about the irony of having to censor the title of her own album, particularly when the whole purpose of naming the album Bitchcraft was to reclaim the word ‘bitch’ for women.

“Ah, the irony of having to censor the album title to Bcraft or BC or B-craft on facebook to avoid being blocked from updating your feeds when the album title is all about reclaiming the term “B*tch” and not accepting it as an insult,” she posted to Facebook.

“My whole point is that A b*tch is disliked and oppressed because she/he is powerful. She/he does what she / he feels is necessary without concern for being seen as ‘nice’ and passive.”

May continued, “I do understand why FB has filtered the word. There’s a lot of people out there using the term in a hateful fashion and I would love to see less of that for certain.

“I’m kinda liking the idea of the album being referred to as BC online… perhaps it’s follow up could be AD…. and finally – i just feel a huge need to say ERMERGERD BERCHCRERFT!!!!! x love.”

Catch her pissed-off Facebook post in full, below.

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