Aussie Producer Fractures Turns Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Into A Dark, Hypnotic Chiller

Melbourne producer Fractures has taken Katy Perry‘s 2010 pop smash ‘Teenage Dream’ to a dark new place with his first official cover release.

The enigmatic artist, real name Mark Zito, has transformed the diva’s bubbly upbeat summer anthem into a lush, heady chiller with swirling lashing of synth, minimalist percussion and his own hypnotic vocals, giving the tune a slightly eerie edge.

“This was more accidental than anything,” the producer says. “I’ve always had the intention of making a cover but have fallen short on the follow through, so I reverse engineered one.

“Made a musical bed then found the song I felt best fit atop. And here you are. I like Katy Perry as well, by the way. There is zero irony.”

Give the track a spin below and catch Fractures on tour with his five-piece band this month.

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