Aussie Rapper Allegedly Swims Into The Ocean To Avoid $600 Seafood Bill

An amateur Aussie rapper has been charged with stealing and assaulting a police officer after a Gold Coast magistrate heard that he literally swam away from a $621.30 bill at a local seafood restaurant.

The ABC reports that Terry Peck, who raps under the name 2pec (get it? Like 2pac?), allegedly consumed 17 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, two lobsters and several beers before he made his getaway into the water.

In a scene that wouldn’t be out of place in ‘Grand Theft Auto’, Peck was eventually caught by police, who borrowed a jet ski from a lifeguard after their initial efforts to convince him to come back to land failed.

When magistrate Joan White heard about how much food Peck had allegedly eaten, she exclaimed, “Oh God! By himself?”

Peck, whose songs include classics like ‘ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy’ and ‘delicious pussy juice!!!’ reportedly told the court that the lobster was “overcooked”, while his lawyer Halley Robertson said her client has a drinking problem which he needs to address.

Peck, who was on parole for an unrelated offence, has been granted bail, and his case will be heard again on Thursday, 4th May.

If you’re interested (for some reason), you can check out Peck’s full profile of tracks on Reverbnation right here or stream ‘ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy’, below.

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