Aussies Urged To Take Part In Mass ‘You’re The Voice’ Singalong Against Domestic Violence

Legendary Aussie singer-songwriter Katie Noonan has put out the call for Australian choirs to join her to bring attention to the domestic violence crisis.

Noonan, in her position as artistic director of Queensland Music Festival, is urging choirs around the country to join her in a massive nationwide singalong to John Farnham‘s classic hit ‘You’re The Voice’.

As ABC reports, the event will feature more than 2,000 people in Brisbane and thousands of others will appear in the QMF website via live stream.

“Everyone has a voice and I’m calling on them to use it for good,” Noonan said. “I believe that art and music have the power for significant change and that musicians and art have a responsibility to respond to, and reflect on, our society and the things we can do to create change.”

The event will also feature Melbourne’s Choir of Hard Knocks, which supports many women who’ve experienced domestic violence.

Noonan said that Farnham’s song is just as pertinent as it was when it was released 30 years ago. “When I looked at the lyrics I thought ‘hang on, we have the chance to turn the pages over … with the power to be powerful believing we can make it better.”

The You’re The Voice choral concert will go down on Saturday, 29th July and for more details or to register to sing head to Queensland Music Festival’s official website.

Watch: John Farnham – ‘You’re The Voice’

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