Australia Bought Less Than 54 Copies Of Robin Thicke’s New Album

Australians are just not that interested in Robin Thicke‘s ploy to get his estranged wife, Paula Patton, back. His latest album, a self-described declaration of love to his betrothed titled Paula, reportedly sold less than 54 copies here.

According to, Paula failed to crack the ARIA top 500 in its debut week. The album at number 500, a Blondie compilation, sold only 54 copies last week, meaning that Thicke’s attempt to rhythmically woo his ex-wife must have sold even less.

These figures follow news reported last week that Paula entered the Official UK Chart at Number 200, after shifting just 530 copies in total. Sales in the US were comparatively dismal too, with Paula managing to move just 25,000 copies there in its first week, which is down from the 177,000 units shifted by Blurred Lines.

To compare, at this time last year, Thicke’s previous album Blurred Lines rocketed to the Number 1 spot on the Australian chart. It’s been a downward spiralling year for Thicke whose public image has hit an all time low thanks in part to a recent ill-fated and ill-advised Twitter Q&A.

Thicke agreed to field questions about his forthcoming album, but was instead inundated with criticisms regarding his controversial 2013 hit single, Blurred Lines, which many perceived as an anthem celebrating rape.

In what probably constitutes the strangest of bedfellows, Scottish musician Aiden Moffat, known for his work with Malcolm Middleton in Arab Strap and collaborations with Mogwai, has come out in defence of Thicke, refuting claims that Blurred Lines is a “misogynist creed.”

In a series of tweets the outspoken musician known wrote at one point of Thicke, “He might be shite, but his career’s been ruined by bullies who haven’t bothered to listen to the rest of one song.”

Thicke detractors though also take issue with his latest offering Paula, savaging the album for its creepy lyrics. Such gems include, “Every time you walked through that door, I shoulda bought white roses, good and plenty, and rubbed your toesies” and “Should’ve waited patient, thanked ya, spanked ya.”

Amanda Hess at Slate boiled the Thicke debate down to “he’s either a hopeless romantic or a full-blown stalker.”

UPDATE 11/07/14 2:00pm: An ARIA representative has told The Music Network that the numbers of Thicke album sales have actually yet to be calculated as the album was released after last week’s ARIA chart cutoff.

Paula was released last Friday, July 4th and this week’s figures won’t be documented until 7pm Saturday July 12th, meaning Thicke may actually have sold even less than the reported 54 copies of the record.

It also means, music lovers, there’s still plenty of time for you not to buy Robin Thicke’s new album.

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