Australian Hardcore Legends Carpathian Are Up To Something

What is surely one of the most formative bands to come from the native Hardcore scene, Carpathian are up to something. Though defunct now since 2011, the band has sent whispers through the local scene today with some minor adjustments.

But, when you were as seminal as Carpathian were in their day, minor adjustments after years of silence are enough to send their adoring fan base into a downward spiral. This morning, on what is sure to be know henceforth as ‘Carpathian Day’, the band took to Facebook updating their cover art.

All the Gen X people together now: “Ugh, so what?” Well. We think a more relevant question is “So, why?”. Why would a band break 3 years of radio silence just to update their cover art? Or, could they perhaps be doing a quick zhush of the socials before some sort of announcement?

You may remember similar such happenings when COG began to tease their return. Perhaps the trend caught on? The new images were superseded with a post from vocalist Martin Kirby spruiking his tailoring business, which could perhaps be the main reason behind the new images. But here’s hoping there’s more to the story.

Following a series of releases, and a stint with notable scene identity Michael Crafter, Carpathian became a forced to be reckoned with both locally and internationally. The band’s latest album, Isolation, is still a key feature in the music library of any hardcore fan. And the sound of their bassist’s knee breaking while on stage at The Manning Bar in Sydney still echoes through all of our heads.

LISTEN: Carpathian – Sun Heights

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