Autopsy Results Reveal Michael Jacksons Lips Were Tattooed Pink

A panel of jurors recently heard how far Michael Jackson went to keep up appearances during the ongoing wrongful death case in which MJ’s mother is suing AEG Live.

An autopsy of Jackson revealed that The King Of Pop had his lips tattooed pink, his hairline tattooed black to blend in with the singer’s wigs, and that his eyebrows were actually all ink. The photo of Jackson’s naked body presented to the court reportedly barely resembled the departed icon.

The autopsy also confirmed Michael’s long-standing claims that he suffered from vitiligo, a skin pigmentation condition that caused Jackson’s complexion to change.

Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson claims AEG is responsible for her son’s death because they hired Dr Murray. Cardiologist Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter recently took to the stand and testified that Dr Murray should have not been hired by AEG.

Wohlgelernter told the court that Murray was an inappropriate physician whose expertise as a cardiologist were not suitable for Michael’s specific health problems. Wohlgelernter stated that Michael did not suffer from any cardiovascular problems or a heart condition but rather struggled with sleep disturbance and a history of addiction to medications and substance abuse.

Furthermore Wohlgelernter said that when Murray was hired to be Michael’s fulltime physician he worked under threat of being fired if Jackson’s comeback concerts were delayed due to medical problems.

In 2009 Dr Murray administered a dose of the surgical anaesthetic Propofol that led to Jackson dying of cardiac arrest, aged 50. Murray is currently serving time for involuntary manslaughter.

AEG Live maintain that Michael made the decision to hire Dr Murray as his full-time physician and that the company was unaware Murray was using Propofol to help Jackson sleep. Katherine Jackson is seeking nearly $40 billion compensation.

(via CNN)

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