Axl Rose Agrees To First Interview In 20 years

For the first time in two decades, Axl Rose has finally agreed to give an interview. Having spent the majority of many of our lives popping in and out of public attention, Rose has chosen Jimmy Kimmel‘s late night program as the platform to break the media dry spell, according to Triple M.

The interview will revolve around the upcoming Appetite for Democracy tour – a series of 25 shows that Guns N’ Roses will embark on in celebration of the 25th anniversary their groundbreaking release Appetite for Destruction – as well as the big 4 years since their last album Chinese Democracy.

Rose is a notorious recluse, unless he’s done something stupid or threatens to sue someone. 20 years of the kind of stuff Axl Rose goes through will probably make for a pretty interesting interview, that is, if he actually makes it. Rose hardly even has it in him to make it to his own shows, let alone someone elses.

The interview will air October 24 and is for sure a must watch.

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