Axl Rose Breaks Foot Ahead Of Guns N’ Roses Reunion Tour

Axl Rose may be dancing with Mr. Brownstone one-legged after the Guns N’ Roses frontman fractured a bone in his left foot.

It’s not yet known whether the singer sustained the injury during his first reunion show with Slash and Duff McKagan, but the reunited Gunners have shared a social media update with a quote from Axl indicating that – yep – that may well have been the case.

“This is what can happen when you do something you haven’t done in nearly over 23 years,” he said.

Axl is no doubt currently experiencing some serious November pain, following a surgical procedure to insert a plate and some screws into his stomper.

And GNR have also shared a video interview with the singer’s orthopedic surgeon on their socials, explaining that the foot is currently in a cast and that Axl ain’t allowed to put any weight on it (and plz refrain from making any fat jokes, you guys, you’re better than that).

But the good news is: it’s not expected to stop him from appearing at any of the band’s forthcoming tour dates – including their big Coachella headlining slot – with Axl reportedly set to chuck a Dave Grohl and rig a special stage setup that allows him to perform handicapped.

Hell, we’re sure Good Guy Grohl would even let Axl borrow his majestic throne of rock, if he asked nicely?

But look, if you think the biggest downside to this situation is that Axl will likely have to perform sitting down, consider this: he’s late enough to gigs when he’s fully mobile, so who knows how badly getting round on one leg is going to impact his onstage ETA.

Only time will tell, I guess.

Watch an interview with his babin’ hoof doctor below, alongside just-released official footage of the band’s first reunion show i.e. the first time Axl, Slash & Duff have shared a stage together in 23 years.

@AxlRose: This is what can happen when you do something you haven’t done in nearly over 23 years, “Internal Fixation” (ง’̀-‘́)ง

Posted by Guns N’ Roses on Friday, April 8, 2016

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