Axl Rose Robbed Of $200,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Reports have come in from Paris that Guns N’ Roses dictator Axl Rose is ‘fuming’ over the alleged theft of $200,000 worth of jewelry while he was attending a private gathering after the band played a show that same night.

The Press Association has stated that two diamond encrusted gold necklaces were pinched. It is believed that Rose wasn’t wearing them at the time; well jeez you’d hope not.

I hate to be the one to say it, but if you act like Rose does when on tour, that is, rocking up shockingly late as he did when they played in Australia, bad things will happen to you. We have also heard of money and bottles being hurled at the band during their final UK stadium performance.

Furthermore, NME reports that prior to entering the venue for the Gunners UK shows, fans sporting Slash merch were turned away at the door and not allowed back in until they changed.

Much like a bride wearing her wedding dress in the weeks after her special day, it’s time for Rose to move on. These aren’t the 80s anymore, dude. No one wants to deal with your Rock Star bullshit. Rant over.

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