Azealia Banks Files Battery Claim Against Russell Crowe Following Violent Party Clash

Azealia Banks has taken her beef with Russell Crowe to the next level, reportedly filing a battery report against the Kiwi actor.

It comes after Banks claimed that Rusty choked her, spat on her and called her the N-bomb before violently ejecting her from his Beverly Hills party, which she was attending as a guest of Wu-Tang clan’s RZA:

banks screenshot

Now-deleted Facebook post. Image Via E!

According to TMZ, Banks has reported the incident to the Beverly Hills PD, accusing Crowe of battery, after he refused to apologise.

Crowe’s reps have told the gossip rag that he wouldn’t say sorry, because he doesn’t reckon he did anything wrong.

The rapper has since posted on social media saying: “I have receipts. Stay tuned.” She also posted a screenshot of two tweets from her manager Raýmani, who reckons the Ice Queen “is shell shocked…and will speak out on the incident once she has had time to process the brutality and abuse she was unjustly subjected to”.

Crowe has remained relatively hush on the matter, apart from retweeting TMZ‘s original story, which refuted Banks’ account of the party clash by detailing accounts from “eye-witnesses” who say that the “plus-one from hell” mocked Crowe’s musical selections, called him and others “boring white men”, and then psyched up and threatened to stab their throats with glass shards after one female guest told her to STFU.

“Blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino shit,” Banks reportedly threatened, before throwing around a few choice N-bombs, reaching for a glass and cocking it back.

The witnesses say it was then that Crowe grabbed Banks in a bear hug, carried her out of his suite and called hotel security guards to remove her from the grounds. Australian comedian Jim Jefferies has also backed up Crowe, saying:

Crowe and Banks’ feud is now in the hands of the Beverly Hills PD. We’ll bring you any more news as it develops.

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