Azealia Banks In Twitter War With ‘Harlem Shake’ Producer

Azealia Banks has let loose on Twitter after the producer of the song/dance craze-of-the-moment Harlem Shake instructed SoundCloud to take down a version of her rapping over the track.

Banks hit out at Baauer for ‘coccblockin’ her interpretation of the hit track, which, fittingly enough, led to Baauer replying with a reason behind his actions, saying “cause it’s not ur song lol.” Fair enough.

However, this made the controversial female rapper just a tad cranky. Banks tweeted back to Baauer, declaring, “you’re a pussy, you don’t belong in hip-hop”, and calling him a “faggoot”.

As Pitchfork reports, this prompted celebrity blogger Perez Hilton – who had received the same label from Banks in the past – to add his two cents to the conversation.

“Classy as always! How does it feel to be better known for all your trash-talking than your music, Azealia? #TeamBauuer”), prompting Banks to call him a “faggot” (more precisely: an “evil faggot”) once again.

A few more angry words were traded between the two, before Banks said, “Lets just all agree to disagree”, and posted an updated link to her Harlem Shake remix.

Feisty indeed. It will be interesting to see if Banks channels the same aggression onto the stage when she plays Future Music Festival on our shores next month. She’s also doing sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne – click here for details on those.

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