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Azealia Banks Has Spoken Out About The Whole Cat Fiasco

On the third week of 2021, the universe has delivered us a truly chaotic meeting of the minds, with Kyle and Jackie O interviewing Azealia Banks regarding the whole cat debacle.

In case you missed it (lucky you), Azealia Banks came under fire after she filmed herself digging up her deceased cat and boiling its remains on Instagram Live.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O earlier this morning, Banks confirmed that she didn’t eat her cat, despite rumours across social media saying she did.

No, I didn’t eat the cat,” she said, “and I especially did not eat a cat that’s been dead for three months.”

When prodded about why she did what she did, she explained that it was a part of taxidermy.

“I don’t know what you think happens when you go to medical school and you see a full skull or a full skeleton there,” she said.

The interview was predictably unhinged, but not really due to Banks – who explained herself articulately. It was largely due to the hosts who were squabbling for most of the chat, making jokes about “eating pussy” etc.

Things did take a turn when Banks revealed that she had purchased a human skull from a website, and proceeded to show it to the hosts.

“There are lots of scientific research sites that you can buy human skulls like this one,” she said, before lifting it up. She explained that it belonged to a six-year-old girl who passed from head trauma.

It’s a lot to take in but, let it be known, that Azealia Banks didn’t eat her cat.

Watch the interview below.

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