Azealia Banks, Mallrat
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Azealia Banks Says Mallrat Collab Was “A Genuine And Sincere Invite From One Artist To Another”

Mallrat‘s debut studio album Butterfly Blue is set to arrive this Friday, 13th May. The third single from the record arrived last month, ‘Surprise Me’, a collaboration with US rapper Azealia Banks.

At the time, Mallrat – aka Grace Shaw – discussed the way music you listen to in your youth shapes you, explaining that the first album she ever bought with her own money was Banks’ sole studio album, 2014’s Broke with Expensive Taste.

“Azealia Banks was truly the best to work with. It felt like she really cared, which you don’t always get with feature artists; often it can feel like they’re fulfilling an obligation,” Shaw elaborated. “Maybe I’m biased, but hers is one of the most iconic and memorable verses I’ve ever heard.”

Banks recently started up a new Twitter account and has been posting fairly prolifically. Over the weekend, she discussed ‘Surprise Me’, saying that collaborating with Mallrat was a “super cool and chill” experience. “There was no forcing my hand, no premature announcements, her team was super easy going and professional – considering I was also working on things of my own. Best of all, there was no thirstiness.

“It was a genuine and sincere invite from one artist to another. Not a second which I felt that if I was unable to get it done, she’d use public disdain to try and make my personality (when I’ve never been nothing but generous and sweet to everyone) a point of contention,” Banks – who has had multiple feuds with other artists over the years – added. “I wanna do more collaborations like that.”

See Banks’ tweets below.

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