Azealia Banks Tries To Shut Down Perez Hilton, Gets Shut Down

Oh, Azealia Banks – your overactive tweet gland is usually pretty amusing and, dare I say, at times insightful but it appears you might just be a bully, plain and simple. The Twitter user, who occasionally raps, has dug herself into a hole after once again taking on celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and she just keeps digging.

The whole drama kicked up a few hours ago after Banks poked sleeping monster and Harlem Shake mastermind Baauer, declaring that the artist “don’t belong in hip hop” and is likely “a pussy”. Hilton, possibly laying in wait, was quick to throw his diminishing weight behind Baauer, chiming in with a question to Banks, asking, “How does it feel to be better known for all your trash-talking than your music, Azealia? #TeamBauuer”.

It was approximately this time that shit got real.

“What does my pussy taste like perez?” Banks asked for no apparent reason, encouraging Hilton to respond, “It tastes like misguided youth, wasted talent, bitterness, jealousy and poo,” which admittedly didn’t make things any better. The conversation revolves around Banks’ private parts for some time before she inevitably drops the f-bomb, labelling Hilton a “evil faggot”.

Needless to say, Hilton was unimpressed with the use of the term, and called Banks out on it. “Ugh. There you go again with the F word. Showing your true colors. You are so parched.” Banks went on, not just adding fuel to the fire but seemingly spraying directly from the bowser, responding “ugh… there you gooo, again faggot… trying to challenge and match my estrogen… YOU FUCKING WISH! HAA!”

It seems as though Hilton threw the final jab before what we assume was the intervention of publicists, adding “I see right through you. You are like the @SpencerPratt of rap music. So DESPERATE for attention.”

In other Banks news, she will be in Australia very, very soon as part of the Future Music Festival madness, with sideshows announced just this morning. One thing seems very clear – Azealia is unlikely to keep her mouth shut while Down Under.

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