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Babylon Festival Offers Punters Ciggie Butts-4-Beer Contra Deal

Babylon Festival has gone above and beyond for their upcoming event, offering a contra deal to their soon-to-be punters that’s so simple and genius, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner. In exchange for spent ciggie butts, punters can score a cheeky brew.

Anyone who has been to any festival will know full well just how dense and thick the layer of ciggie butts on the ground becomes. You can lose ya damn shoe in it. But this year at Babylon it will be different. You’ll now be working on pure, ashed-out gold.

As per the announcement, those in attendance can grab a biodegradable cup and start filling it up with ciggie butts, whether they be your own, your friends, or ground butts. Once full, you can swap it at the bar for “1 x free drink or 1 x entry to our recycle raffle” which is just so agreeable.

Babylon is a new festival set to go down in both Victoria and New South Wales in March next year. Claude Vonstroke and Danny Daze have been lined up to play amongst other electronic names.

You can read the full statement from the festival below.

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