Ball Park Music’s New Song ‘Spark Up’ Is Just What We Need Right Now

Ball Park Music are here to ease our aching souls through these trying times, with the release of their new bop, ‘Spark Up’.

It marks the band’s first offering since 2018’s Good Mood LP, and to coincide with its arrival, songwriter Sam Cromack has penned an open letter to fans, explaining the origins of the tune.

It reads:

“I saw a show one night in Brisbane with my friend. Really wild gig, the crowd were turning into animals (in a nice way). I left feeling energised and began to sing the chorus to myself as I walked through the night air. Didn’t think much of it. It just felt like one of the many dumb things I sing to myself as I’m passing time or thinking. And it stayed this way for months.

I struggled to complete the story for a long time. One day, in a particularly foul mood, I finally looked the meaning of the song square in the eye and finished it off. I guess it’s kind of a protest song. It’s a song for those who are writhing in their skin. It’s a song for those who are dreaming of some other place. I don’t want to ruin the fun with an unnecessarily detailed explanation. I think the song speaks for itself.

We recorded this song on 18th October 2019. It was the first recording session for our new album, Mostly Sunny.

P.S. Last weekend ‘A Nice To Be Alive’ came in at #17 on the Hottest 100 songs of the decade – respect!”

Get Ball Park Music’s new one ‘Spark Up’ into your earholes and soothe your isolation blues below!

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