Band Of Horses Release New Single ‘Whatever, Wherever’

Band of Horses have released the fourth single Whatever, Wherever from their upcoming album Why Are You OK.

Whatever, Wherever is dreamier than the other tunes that we have so far heard from the album. It’s Beach Boys-esque and whimsical, conjuring wave lapping, star gazing imagery with its beautifully lazy three chord strums and repetitive washy vocals.

In a recent interview, singer and guitarist Bridwell explained the process of making the album:

“I didn’t have the opportunity, like I used to, to kind of squirrel away in some cabin or a beach house… I just put up some soundproofing – tried to keep the moisture out and the sound waves in. It’s nothing special by any means, but it was a nice place to be able to complain loudly with minimal influence of ears listening to me.”

Why Are You Ok due for release next week, has already showcased singles Casual Party and Solemn Oath along with a collaboration with Dinosaur Junior called In A Draw. This will be the band’s fifth full length studio album.

Listen to Whatever, Wherever and the other singles from their upcoming album below.

Why Are You Ok is out June 10th.

Watch: Band of Horses – Casual Party

Watch: Band Of Horses – Solemn Oath

Why Are You OK Tracklist:

01. Dull Times/The Moon

02. Solemn Oath

03. Hag

04. Casual Party

05. In A Drawer

06. Hold On Gimme A Sec

07. Lying Under Oak

08. Throw My Mess

09. Whatever, Wherever

10. Country Teen

11. Barrel House

12. Even Still

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