Beirut Musicians’ Fund Launched To Replace Instruments And Other Equipment Lost In Explosion

Lebanese musician, producer and Tunefork Recording Studios founder Fadi Tabbal has established a fund seeking to raise money to replace artists’ instruments, recording equipment and other music gear lost in the tragic Beirut explosion earlier this month.

“As you all know, our entire community is shaken by the horrific explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4th. Reasons: the incompetence, negligence and corruption of our own government. Countless lives lost. Countless houses destroyed. We are hurt, both physically and emotionally,” reads a statement on Tunefork’s website.

“Fortunately, amid the chaos, everyone rushed to help. So, we took it upon ourselves to contact musicians, producers and sound engineers living in the blast area and to inventory all music gear, instruments and recording equipment that was destroyed.”

The damage has so far totalled $34,935 USD, which is the amount the fund is seeking to raise. The list of damaged gear is available upon request, and donations will be managed by the studio and divided proportionally to those affected.

You can donate directly via the Tunefork Recording Studios website here.

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