The Belligerents Announce Debut Album ‘Science Fiction’, Drop New Single ‘Flash’

Brisbane rockers The Belligerents have finally revealed the details of their long-anticipated debut album, Science Fiction, alongside the release of their latest dance-inducing single ‘Flash’.

Six years in the making, Science Fiction is packing 11 tracks, including The Belligerents’ earlier single ‘Caroline’. The album will finally be unleashed on 8th September, and tbh that day can’t come soon enough.

The video for ‘Flash’, directed by Greta Nash, features a brave doggo who gets sent into outer space, but not everything goes to plan. The visuals are also very ’80s sci-fi, which is exactly how the band like things.

“A little while back we all became fixated with dramatic ’80s sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Flash Gordon,” says bassist Konstantin Kersting.

“It was a lot of fun to coming up with a clip that gave nods to that era whilst accentuating the outlandishness of the whole thing.”

Meanwhile, frontman Lewis Stephenson says ‘Flash’ is about “the incomparable feeling of contact high”.

“Experiencing it when a certain somebody is around you, and completely losing it altogether when they’re not,” he says.

“In a way it’s also about trying to convince somebody else that it’s taking hold. The idea was to try and transpose the push-pull dynamic of that feeling into the song.”

Open your heart and watch the video for ‘Flash’, below.

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