King Stingray
King Stingray | Image: Luke Henery

King Stingray Announce Long-Awaited Debut Album, Drop New Single

Having spent over 18 months as the talk of the local music scene, Yolŋu surf rockers King Stingray have announced the release of their long-awaited debut album.

Set to release on 5th August, King Stingray’s self-titled debut collects their previously-released singles ‘Hey Wanhaka’, ‘Get Me Out’, ‘Milkumana’, and ‘Camp Dog’, alongside a handful of new classics, including latest single ‘Let’s Go’.

Described as a “road trip classic for the ages”, ‘Let’s Go’ tells the tale of hitting the road with the “Central Arnhem highway on my mind“, while capturing just what it is that has made King Stingray’s music not only so catchy, but so revered in such a short time.

“Almost like the backbone of good times, the Central Arnhem Highway was the big road to fun times for us growing up, and still is to this day,” guitarist Roy Kellaway says of the new track. “Whether it’s packing up the troopy with dusty, half broken band equipment and driving 12 hrs to Darwin for a gig, or just going bush to enjoy the great outdoors with our loved ones and friends.”

Capturing both the classic and contemporary Aussie rock ethos, pairing it with the ancient tradition of manikay (song/songlines) that dates back tens of thousands of years, and filtering it through a profound love of country and Mother Earth, King Stingray’s self-titled debut was recorded and produced between the NT, Brisbane, and the Byron Bay hinterland, and looks set to be one of the year’s most acclaimed releases.

King Stingray is set for release 5th August.

King Stingray – King Stingray

  1. Lupa
  2. Hey Wanhaka
  3. Get Me Out
  4. Let’s Go
  5. Raypirri
  6. Milkumana
  7. Sweet Arnhem Land
  8. Malk Mirri Wayin
  9. Camp Dog
  10. Life Goes On
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