Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Calls Out Bullshit Sexist Review

*takes deep breath* Ok, here we go again.

Hey dudes, I can’t believe we’re doing this again, but you need to check your god damn male privilege when attending gigs, ok?

After the recent incident of CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry shutting down a bro who heckled her on stage by yelling out “Marry Me”, comes this entry in the ‘How To Not Review A Gig’ files, courtesy of this write-up of a Best Coast concert, posted on the University of San Francisco newspaper Foghorn.

Titled ‘Best Coast, Mediocre At Best’ the article by staff writer David L. Garcia dives straight into problematic territory by analysing singer and guitarist Bethany Consentino’s outfit, claiming “I need to describe the incredible outfit bandleader Bethany Cosentino was wearing. She looked sexier and badder than any rock star I’ve seen in years.”

“The outfit was–and I’m still a bit heartbroken that I have to say this-is-the best part of the evening.”, old mate continues in questionable grammatical fashion, writing off the gig entirely due to the band’s (in his eyes) lacklustre visual performance:

“Cosentino barely smiled, and lead guitarist Bobb Bruno (immensely skilled as he is) looked downright bored. There were some mic problems, and Cosentino kept shooting glares and asides to the guy at the soundboard, making the whole experience really tense.”

Mmmm I know what you mean Dave, I always get really tense when a female glares instead of smiles. How dare she not appear and act exactly how you expect her to! Lucky she looked hot though am I right bud? Haha girls, hey?

Bethany has rightfully taken the article to task, calling out its latent sexism and telling the “writer” to stay away from her appearance:

An official sorry not sorry reply from the paper has been released, with the usual “It is unfortunate that it was misunderstood as an act of sexism.” garbage.

Worst of all is this is the second time in the past couple of months Bethany has had to defend herself to people attacking her on stage demeanour, which at times is referred to as “bitchy“.

Dudes, you do not get to control how women, or in fact anyone, displays themselves on stage. The whole “you should smile more” is so unbelievably not cool. Before you go to your next gig, have a look at this video to see why:

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