Beyoncé Was Selling Slayer-Inspired ‘Slayoncé’ Pins On Tour & Metal Fans Are Mad

It turns out that Beyoncé was selling some Slayer-inspired “Slayoncé” pins during her recent Formation World Tour, and metal fans aren’t happy about it.

The pins, which use the iconic Slayer font (and name) are now selling on eBay for around USD$40 a piece, and are causing quite a stir in the metal world.

Ayesha King, wife of Slayer guitarist Kerry King, has posted to Instagram saying, “Just. Stop. Stop it right now. This is a real pin being sold at her merchandise tables on her tour,” followed by the damningly long hashtag #whenittakes12writerstowriteasongforyouofcourseyoustealfontsandlogos

Since then, Ms King has been joined by other outraged metal fans on Twitter, including these folk…

While Slayer have signed off on the use of their logo multiple times before, the merging of Queen Bee’s pop and Slayer’s thrash metal vibes looks like it was probably done without the band’s permission.

This isn’t the first time the pop and metal worlds have collided and caused a stir. Rihanna recently dabbled in the death metal world, projecting a huge metal-esque Rihanna logo behind herself while performing at the VMAs earlier this year.

Not to mention that time Justin Bieber donned a Metallica t-shirt on The Ellen Show last year, which was quickly followed by the outrage of many metal fans.

Catch Ms King’s Instagram post about the “Slayoncé” pins, below.

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