Billygoat And The Mongrels To Release ‘Big City Low’

Sydney country/folk group Billygoat and the Mongrels have confirmed the release date and tracklisting for their debut album Big City Low.

The album, which has been their group’s labour of love for the past three years, will feature nine tracks and will be out on October 1.

Billygoat and the Mongrels have had numerous delays in releasing the record – with band members having babies, going overseas, getting married, having their gear broken and stolen, and suffering from a range of money troubles during the production of the record.

The band went for a total DIY approach when making the record – leading to an ‘earthy twang’ sound resonating through the material.

Bass player Cat Colman took care of the engineering of the record, which was designed to capture the band’s famous ‘wild, live mongrel energy’, which their live shows are based upon.

The album has been described as one that “takes listeners on a voyage from country origins, to hillbilly disco, then deep down into the gloomy city swamp, and finally back to the couch with whisky in hand”.

Billygoat and the Mongrels will launch Big City Low with a special show at Sydney’s Sandringham Hotel in Newton on Friday, October 5.

Big City Low Tracklisting:

1. She Died At 25 In A Hotel On The Gold Coast

2. Things Gone Wrong

3. Big City Low

4. Dance Like A Baby Deer

5. Dry Sunshine

6. Marie

7. Goin’ Back There Again

8. Janey

9. Telephone Song

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