Björk Calls Out Sexism In Both The Music And Movie Industries

Björk has highlighted the movie and music industry’s problem with gender inequality ahead of the opening of her digital exhibition for Vivid Sydney.

The Icelandic singer has released eight albums throughout her career and been involved in numerous films but she says that despite all her success she’s constantly “been hitting walls.”

“The fact I’m a woman and I can do what I do, it’s kind of unique, really,” she said speaking with Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’ve been really lucky.”

She says she’s been lucky in the sense that she’s been able to break down some of those walls despite the inequalities she’s witnessed first hand. One thing in particular she turned her attention to was “macho” music journalism.

“It’s really like a boys’ club. They like music that is… well, a lot of it is for boys,” she said.

Last year in an interview with Pitchfork Björk delivered a similar sentiment saying, “Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times.”

During her interview though with SMH, she also reflected on acting in the 2000 film Dancer In The Dark saying, “I couldn’t believe what it’s like for actresses.”

“It’s just a nightmare how they’re treated. They have so little say in their career or roles they play as they get older. Guys can get older, but not women.”

Björk is currently in Sydney for the opening of her digital exhibition at Carriageworks as part of Vivid Sydney. The exhibition features videos, apps and installations centred around her 2015 record Vulnicura. She’ll DJ at two sold-out opening nights over the weekend.

Watch: Björk – Lionsong

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