Bluesfest Crackdown: Police Confiscate Drugs From 159 Punters

Police have continued their sniffer dog blitz on music festivals around the country with 159 drug detections being made at Bluesfest over the weekend. According to police confiscated drugs from over 53 people at the festival on Saturday night alone. The figure is expected to be around 200 when further reports come in later today

Police said they seized marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, and they could not understand why people would attempt to bring drugs to the festival:

“It’s strange, I mean they obviously saw we had an operation running with the drugs and it’s surprising they continue to bring drugs into the premises.”

A number of festival goers have complained about the police use of sniffer dogs at music festivals. Recent figures released by the State Government show the dogs get it wrong more often than not, meaning that a number a innocent punters get searched.

Last year NSW Police conducted around 14,000 searches on people following sniffer dog detection. In over 11,000 of those cases, illicit substances were not found.

Read more about sniffer dogs and music festivals here.

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