Blur Recording But Not Releasing, Says Coxon

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has tantalised fans of the Britpop movement worldwide by suggesting the band have been meeting up and recording new material, but that it isn’t going to see the light of day any time soon.

A few remarks on Twitter earlier this month caused much excitement amongst Coxon’s followers, when he revealed that he was “now off to see the Blur boys and have coffee and maybe switch a tape recorder on.” After deleting that post he added, “we are having a meet-up, might get a guitar out.”

However, it turns out Blur aren’t recording with the idea of releasing anything, with Coxon explaining to NME that the foursome are playing just for themselves, and having fun.

He said, “Every now and then we like to meet up and record a few things. Maybe turning the tape recorder on and jamming around a few ideas… I suppose it might turn into an LP in six years or something… We just do stuff when we feel like it.”

In the mean time, Coxon is readying a single with Paloma Faith and working on two solo albums of his own.

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