Bomb Threats Cancel Marilyn Manson’s Moscow Performance

While most of the Western world now knows Marilyn Manson as the guy we used to scare our parents back in the ’90s and who was really intelligent in that Michael Moore movie, he’s still a controversial force in Russia. So much so that he was forced to cancel a show over a bomb threat.

As Russia Today reports, mass protests took place in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, with self-proclaimed defender of Russian Orthodox believers and leader of the “God’s Will” movement, Dmitry Enteo, tweeting about the group’s “victory” over the “blasphemous” Manson and his band.

Enteo alleged that he and his fellow activists pelted the band with eggs and poured holy water on them. “Pelted at with eggs, Manson was running away from me and was squealing like a pig as we were sprinkling him with holy water. You won’t believe it, he was making circles,” Enteo wrote.

A video published by LifeNews allegedly shows part of the attack (see below), an effort that Enteo says is part of “the decisive fight against the blasphemer Manson.” However, after it surfaced that the man in the video is not Manson, Enteo reportedly took to Twitter to write, “I’m sorry, maybe we sprinkled not Manson himself, but members of his band. But maybe it was him – they all look alike.”

Hours after the alleged attack, Manson’s planned performance at the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow was cancelled due to a bomb threat. “Bomb threats have cancelled our show in Moscow, just as we were about to perform,” read a tweet sent by Manson. The singer’s Russian fans quickly took to social media to accuse the Orthodox Christian activists of disrupting the performance.

Enteo reportedly denied his involvement in the bomb threat on Twitter, but cheered the incident by writing, “Thank God!” Manson was set to perform as part of the Park Live festival, alongside other hard rock and heavy metal names including The Prodigy, Deftones, Mastodon, and Wolfmother.

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Photos by Amy Freshwater

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