“Boneheaded” Vans Warped Tour Stage Dive Puts Fan In Hospital

American rapper George Watsky has injured himself and two audience members after attempting a 12 metre stage dive at Vans Warped Tour UK in London over the weekend, climbing his lighting rig and yelling, “Have you got my back?” before smashing into the crowd.

The 27-year-old vocalist and spoken word poet took to Facebook to apologise for the stunt, which left him with some nicks and bruises, broke a woman’s arm and injured a man’s back:

“I feel fucking terrible. I made a boneheaded decision that got people hurt, and it’s extremely lucky it wasn’t worse. Putting your own body on the line is one thing, but putting other people in harm’s way is inexcusable.”

The San Franciscan claims he wasn’t drunk or on drugs but that the stunt was merely an over-reach. He said that there was nothing “badass” or “ballsy” about the jump, stating that he feels terrible for endangering the life of his audience:

“My tour manager Nils and I stayed at the hospital for 6 hours til the visiting period ended, and all I know about the man’s condition at this point is that he has no breaks and the injury seems to be muscular/ bruising. I’ll be going back in the morning to try to apologize, but I wouldn’t blame the guy if he spits in my face.”

Watsky said he wouldn’t be cancelling the remaining six dates on his tour but he definitely wouldn’t be doing any more stage diving, saying, “I am deeply sorry and I promise to learn from this mistake.”

Watch: Rapper George Watsky’s Stage Dive Goes Horribly Wrong

Note: This article’s previous headline “”Boneheaded” Vans Warped Tour Stage Dive Puts Two In Hospital” was incorrect and has been amended.


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