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Brand New Frontman Tears Up On Stage, Says Band “Isn’t Gonna Last Much Longer”

Jesse Lacey, frontman of New York alt-rockers Brand New, has given an emotional speech to fans at the band’s final show of 2015, saying the group “isn’t gonna last much longer”.

Footage has surfaced of Lacey giving a heartfelt speech to a crowd in Nashville, Tennessee, over the weekend, in which he speaks frankly about the future of Brand New while saying he still hopes the band will release a new album.

Lacey can be seen tearing up as he speaks about his fellow bandmates Vincent Accardi, Brian Lane and Garrett Tierney.

“Being in a room like this is really special. Personally, I don’t feel adequate, or worth it, playing on this stage. But, I know that Garrett and Vinnie and Brian are absolutely worth it,” Lacey says.

After copping some hugs from his fellow band members, Lacey says, “Without the three of them, I never would’ve gotten to do any of this. And so thanks to them, for my life.”

Lacey then says the show will be Brand New’s last gig “for a while”, and lets fans know that things are going to be different when they return to touring.

“I’m gonna have a new daughter. We’ll hopefully have a record for you. I wanna tell you right here and now, this isn’t gonna last much longer, but it’s been so special for so long.”

Brand New confirmed that they began work on the follow-up to their 2009 album Daisy in July last year. The band have since been ruled out of an appearance at Soundwave 2016, with the festival’s promoter, AJ Maddah, saying on Twitter in April that the group’s next Aussie jaunt will probably be a headline tour — assuming the band continue to tour and release new music.

Watch Jesse Lacey give his emotional speech to fans, below.

Watch: Brand New’s Jesse Lacey Says Band May Not Last Much Longer

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