Breaking Benjamin Frontman Fires Bandmates

Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley has fired bandmates Aaron Fincke and Mark Klepaski after they went behind his back and made a deal with Hollywood Records to release a Breaking Benjamin Best Of album.

The band have been on hiatus due to Burnley suffering a recurring illness and Finke and Klepaski have been touring with former band Lifer while waiting for Burnley to recover.

Burnley is now seeking $25,000 (US) for damages and he wants the exclusive rights to the Breaking Benjamin name so he can continue the band without Finke and Klepaski.

The pair are denying the claim against them but Bernley’s lawyer has stated: The relationship between Mr Burnley and the two other members of the band has ended. Mr Burnley intends on moving forward using the name Breaking Benjamin and the band will continue. It just won’t continue in its prior configuration. He’s not retiring.

Hollywood Records is set to release Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin on August 16 and they have said they were under the impression the album was being released “with the awareness of all of the members of Breaking Benjamin

Burnley has not yet commented on whether he intends to stop the release or not.

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