Brian May, Tony Iommi To Release Riffs For Public Use?

Ever wanted to have legendary axe man Tony Iommi featured as guest guitarist on your band’s debut EP? Well, it’s not such a crazy idea anymore, according to the equally legendary Brian May. The two have combined their efforts to achieve double legendary status in one of the most legendary moves in rock and roll…legend.

According to Ultimate Class Rock, upon discovering a proverbial treasure trove of unused guitar riffs written by Iommi, May encouraged the Black Sabbath guitarist to compile the best ones to feature on a riffs album, giving other bands the opportunity to use the material in their own songs.

May, the main gat man from Queen, dropped the news in an interview with Kerrang!:

“The idea was to put all these riffs out in some form so that people could build their own songs from them… You could make your own music with Tony Iommi on guitar!”

So we’re guessing that means, in an ultimate Good Guy Greg move, Iommi plans on throwing the riffage into the public domain – but that is yet to be confirmed. I seriously hope he’s thought this one through. There is no timeframe on the project but it’s probably been put on the backburner, as Iommi is currently working with Sabbath on their new album, 13, their first album in 35 years.

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