Brian McFadden Says Egg Boy “Deserved A Slap”, Gets Roasted Accordingly

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While plenty of musicians have praised Will Connolly, aka Egg Boy, for the egging seen around the world, ex-Westlife member and ex-Australia’s Got Talent judge Brian McFadden has a different viewpoint, saying that the 17-year-old “deserved a slap.”

As you already know, Egg Boy got his moniker for egging Senator Fraser Anning, noted flog who released a truly abhorrent and deeply offensive statement following the Christchurch terrorist attack on two mosques that left 50 dead and 50 more injured.

Well, actor Dean Cain said that he would’ve “knocked that kid cold” to which McFadden agreed, saying “Yes bro! His act was violence. Egg or not. Deserved a slap.”

This is a weird flex from some of the late 90’s most forgettable personalities, but ok.

When people brought McFadden’s attention to the idea that maybe it was Anning that deserved a slap – or an egg – he didn’t back down, saying he “doesn’t care what the little prick stands for.”


Let us not even decipher the contradiction of “violence is not the answer” and “deserved a slap”. Instead, let us look at the roasting McFadden got, once he has tweeted that Connolly was a “millennial attention seeker.”

Interestingly enough, McFadden will be in the country next month as the support act for Boyzone’s farewell tour. Plenty of other acts like Hilltop Hoods, Amity Affliction and Violent Soho have offered Egg Boy free tickets to their shows for life, but something tells us McFadden won’t be as keen.

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