Briggs Wars With Flight Facilities’ Hugo Over Latest Aussie Blackface Controversy

Briggs has dished up some heated words for Hugo Gruzman of Flight Facilities, after the Aussie electrolord weighed in on the latest blackface controversy to shame the nation.

ICYMI: Briggs found himself having to (once again) remind ‘straya that blackface ain’t cool, after a WA mum decided to paint her kid brown (in an attempt to mimic AFL star Nic Naitanui) and then brag on social media about having the “balls” to do it.

Then, in the comment section of a resultant Pedestrian.TV article that saw Briggs slam the move (along with the whole white-people-painting-themselves-black-for-LOLs thing in general), the Flight Facilitator chimed in out of nowhere to give everyone a history lesson on the origins of blackface, in an attempt to explain why this particular incident didn’t – IHO – fit the actual definition of “blackface”.

What ensued was an ideological bloodbath:





Like many of the Facebook post’s commentators, Briggs wasn’t too chuffed on Hugo’s race-splaining of the charged issue.

The Indigenous Aussie rapper let him have it in a retort to the folks as Pedestrian, spraying not saying:

“Cool, another white dude who gets to decide what black people are and aren’t offended by. These dudes are so sheltered and so privileged; you’re sitting back and saying you need to educate me on blackface? It’s insanely reckless to be talking like that – these kinds of remarks are the telltale signs of this white, paternalistic ideal of race in Australia. It’s like, you don’t have the right to be tell me why blackface isn’t offensive and use history as an example – Australia has its own history of blackface that dates back hundreds of years. So excuse me, Hugo from Flight Facilities, but are you a history major in race relations on Australia?  Go fuck yourself.”

Watch: Briggs – The Children Came Back feat. Gurrumul & Dewayne Everettsmith

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