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Bring Me The Horizon Trashed Coldplay’s Table At The NME Awards And It Was Glorious

Written by Sam Murphy on February 18, 2016

Bring Me The Horizon played at The NME Awards in Texas overnight and got a little destructive with their performance with frontman Olly Sykes standing right on Coldplay‘s table.

The band was performing Happy Song when Sykes marched over to Chris Martin and co’s table, breaking champagne bottles and glasses and then causing the table to collapse.

Video footage shows Sykes terrorising the table while Coldplay sat there playing good sports. The British band, who played the Super Bowl half time show last week, even gave the band a standing ovation, judging by a photo. We’re not sure whether that was a show of respect or whether it was just because they didn’t want to be crushed by the falling table.

Some have questioned whether Sykes chose the table deliberately, perhaps still salty about Coldplay “jackin” their Sempiternal cover art.

According to NME, Sykes also slammed his “microphone into the ground with such force that the entire auditorium thought the building was starting to crumble.” Though, speaking to NME after the whole incident, Chris Martin apparently said he had never heard of Bring Me The Horizon before but that the event, “was great, very rock n roll.”

It wasn’t all bad news for Coldplay though. They took home NME’s Godlike Genius award which has previously been given to Dave Grohl and Noel Gallagher.

The video footage looks insane which is a good sign that we should prepare for something insane when the band visit Australia in September for a run of headline shows. Just don’t bring your best table along with you.

UPDATE 19/02/16: Bring Me The Horizon have explained why they trashed Coldplay’s table at this year’s NME Awards.

Bring Me The Horizon Lead Singer Destroys Coldplay’s Table at NME Awards

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