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Brisbane’s Crowbar Gives “Dickheads” Who Smashed A Hole In Its Wall 24 Hours To Fess Up

Beloved Brisbane venue Crowbar has issued a “DICKHEAD ALERT” after two “idiots” smashed a hole in its band room wall on Saturday night, took the broken chunk of plaster as a trophy and snapped a victory selfie with it outside the venue for good measure.

The live music hub has taken to Facebook to share the selfie in question and give the two vandals 24 hours to come clean before they “take further action”.

“We had a really great show on Saturday night with [Rockhampton band] Pandamic. Unfortunately these idiots made their way into the band room with someone with access, smashed a hole in the wall and took a photo out the front of the venue with wall in hand,” the venue writes.

“This really sucks for the bands and for the venue as we have to call in trades to fix these holes when all we do is provide a safe and fun platform for bands and punters to enjoy a night out.

“We have your details,” the venue continues. “You have 24 hours to get in contact with us before we take further action.”

Yep. The clock is ticking and not even Jack Bauer can save them now (not that he’d want to).

Catch Crowbar’s full Facebook post below.

UPDATE: Pandamic have also released a statement about the damaged wall, which you can view below.

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