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Britney Spears To Finally Release Tell-All Memoir ‘The Woman in Me’ Later This Year

After a lengthy build-up, princess of pop Britney Spears will finally be telling her story, in her words, in a new memoir coming out this year entitled, The Woman In Me.

The cultural icon’s literary debut will hit book shelves here in Australia on Wednesday, 25th October courtesy of Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

“My story… on my terms… at last”

“Britney’s compelling testimony in open court shook the world, changed laws, and showed her inspiring strength and bravery,” Jennifer Bergstrom, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Gallery Books, said this week in a press statement.

“I have no doubt her memoir will have a similar impact—and will be the publishing event of the year. We couldn’t be more proud to help her share her story at last.”

While Britney herself has posted a video on socials to hype the book’s imminent release (watch above), in which she comments, “It’s coming… my story… on my terms… at last.”

The memoir itself is being heralded by its publishers as “a brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope”.

The official press blurb from Gallery Books also adds: “With remarkable candour and humour, Spears’s groundbreaking memoir illuminates the enduring power of music and love—and the importance of a woman telling her own story, on her own terms”.

The book deal, worth USD $15 million, makes the project one of the most lucrative of this year. And following on from the termination of Britney’s conservatorship, the memoir stands to reveal a lot.

In a since-deleted social media post last May, Britney shared with her followers that ~secrets~ would be revealed. The extensive post followed:

“I want to talk about secrets!!!” she wrote. “The secrets I’ve had to hold the past 15 years I will say are honestly paralyzing.”

She continued: “I had so many complaints I wanted to share and bring up only to be told to keep shut … but wait isn’t that what a woman of intellect is supposed to do. Speak up, rise to the occasion make people think.“Then I started to get mad angry ALL THIS TIME !!! Then all the offers of money to tell my side of the story …and all the documentaries were trash! I’m sure that was ignition to move me forward but honestly I just wanted to spit in any persons face that came near me.”

Further on, Britney Spears added, “Shit maybe now I will need a conservatorship ?! I’m bat shit fucking crazy JUST KIDDING … Well not really !!! But I said.. just do a book … the easiest way possible and considering my fear of people I might have to write them off for the next decade !!! Sitting down and sharing my story might not be the safest thing for anyone!!! My book comes out at the end of this year … Once it’s released not sure whats going to happen folks!!!”

Guess we won’t have to wait too long now to find out…

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