Buffalo Springfield Make Triumphant Live Return

In one of the most heart-warming tales in rock, the great Buffalo Springfield completed their first concert in 40 years this week – and band member Richie Furay has hinted that more shows will follow later this year, as well as perhaps a live album, according to Spinner.

Furay along with Neil Young and Stephen Stills reconvened to perform at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California, with a mouthwatering setlist covering all three of their albums and ending with a performance of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World.

Meanwhile, Furay told Spinner at a press conference that a more extensive tour is in the works starting in September. He added that the problem that saw the band implode in the first place in the late sixties – egos – would not be so much of a hindrance this time round.

Furay said, “We’re not trying to recreate or make anything different than we are… We are Buffalo Springfield. We’re not ‘Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield’; we’re not ‘Stephen Stills and Buffalo Springfield’ … This is who we were and we’re just privileged to be here today and to be able to make the same music today as what’s in people’s hearts and minds.”

To mark their resurgence, here is the band back in their heyday:



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