Can I Interest You In Neil Young Playing To His Chickens

Neil Young has been performing a series of streamed concerts lately called the Fireside Sessions from his home in Colorado. Now, the legendary singer-songwriter has shared a new ‘Barnyard Edition’ performance which sees him, as you might expect, head out to the barn. There, he performs for an audience of chickens, with the session also featuring Young’s horses, llamas and an alpaca. It’s great.

The performance sees Young bring out the ukulele for ‘Tumbleweed’, play the title track and ‘Old Man’ from 1972 album Harvest, along with ‘Homegrown’, and an acoustic version of ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’. Young closes out the session with a performance of Harvest Moon‘s ‘War of Man’, which he delivers from the barn’s doorway.

It’s the fifth edition of Young’s Fireside Sessions, which began back in March. The sessions have all been directed by Young’s wife, actress Daryl Hannah.

Taking to the Neil Young Archives recently, Young indicated that the sessions would continue. “They’re good for us all. I hope we don’t run out of songs, but probably that would take a long time,” Young wrote. “These songs are for all of us, left, right, in between. ALL. We are stronger together.”

Watch the performance here via the Neil Young Archives.

Next month, Young will release Homegrown, an album he recorded back in 1974 that has gone unreleased for decades. He recently released ‘Try’, a song from the album, which you can check out below.

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