Cardi B Thanks Tom Petty For Flowers, Despite The Fact That He Died Two Years Ago

Well, this one’s a doozy. The Grammy Awards happened earlier this week, and one of the biggest wins of the night was Cardi B. The rapper took out ‘Best Rap Album’ for her debut Invasion of Privacy, beating out the likes of Pusha T, Mac Miller and Travis Scott. She also is the first ever solo woman to win the award.

An understandably excited Cardi B took to Instagram to thank a few people, and one of those people was the late Tom Petty.

In a now-deleted video, Cardi displayed a note that read “You’ve got a heart so big it could crush this town.” Hardcore Petty fans will recognise those as lyrics from his track ‘Walls’ which was released back in 1996 and taken from the soundtrack of She’s The One.

In her excitement, she thanked Petty for the flowers and the “beautiful note” without realising that the note was just quoting Petty as opposed to being sent by him.

On a similar tip, Cardi B also shouted out the late Mac Miller on Instagram, after his family had reportedly said that if he didn’t win the award, they wanted Cardi to.

Watch the video below.


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