Check Out Hitman Marilyn Manson In The Trailer For New Thriller ‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’

Well it’s about damn time we saw Marilyn Manson flexing his acting muscles again.

The shock rocker is set to play a hitman in the upcoming thriller Let Me Make You A Martyr. And judging by the trailer, this is going to be one brutal AF movie.

Playing the character of “Pope” – an apt name for the self proclaimed Anti-Christ Superstar – the film will see Manson once again acting alongside Mark Boone Junior from Sons Of Anarchy (the two worked together when  Manson played a prison-based white supremacist gang leader on the show).

And while their relationship isn’t made clear in the trailer, it looks to me like Manson will be playing the menacing antagonist to Junior’s hero.

The film’s trailer premiered exclusively on Indiewire recently, giving us a glimpse of Manson in the gruesome role.

He only pops up a couple of times and has no spoken dialogue in the preview, but he nevertheless manages to make a huge impact in his few bespectacled and blood-spattered appearances (I mean, come on, the guy already looks like he has a basement full of hitchhikers, and giving him creepy Terry Richardson glasses only adds to the effect).

Appearing previously in films such as David Lynch’s Lost Highway, 90’s era Mean Girls meets murder-thriller Jawbreaker, as well as alongside grown Macauley Culkin in Party Monster and not to mention episodes of Eastbound & Down, Californication and Once Upon A Time, Manson is more of an accomplished actor than you might expect.

With this role, however, it looks like The Pale Emperor may finally be able to sink his teeth into a character as enigmatic as his own public persona, and we here at Music Feeds can’t wait to see his creepy mug up on the silver screen.

The film is set to premier at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal next month.

There are no details with regard to its official release beyond that at this point, but take a look at the trailer below and tell us you’re not quivering in your platform spiked PVC moon boots.

Watch: Let Me Make You A Martyr Trailer

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