Cheeky Study Rates Best & Worst Places To Have Sex At A Music Festival

Maybe it’s the sweat of the mosh pit, maybe it’s the feeling of being surrounded by nature, or the combination of so many hotties and mood-enhancing elixirs, or maybe it’s just the fact that sometimes there’s just nothing fkn better to do, but as long as there’ve been music festivals, there’ve been horny punters looking for an opportunity to bone down.

Sex toy company Lovehoney has actually been thinking about this a lot recently, and they’ve decided to get down and dirty with some ~hard~ statistics about sex and (giggity giggity) gigs.

As Team Rock reports, they’ve polled a thousand people and crunched the numbers to arrive at the answers to age-old questions such as “which international music festival is the most promiscuous?” “What’s the best type of music to have sex to at a festival?” and of course “what’s the best place to have sex at a music festival?”

Check out their results below and see how they – uh – measure up.

NB: The A/S/L breakdown of the study’s respondents hasn’t been revealed. So for alls we know they could just be a thousand of lonely-ass dudes fantasising about the cool and sexually accomplished hipster lives they could have led.

Either way, does it really matter? Sex!


Most promiscuous music festival

  1. Glastonbury 34%
  2. Creamfields 13%
  3. Download 10%
  4. T in the Park 9%
  5. V Festival 8%
  6. The Secret Garden Party 7%
  7. Leeds 6%
  8. Isle of Wight 5%
  9. Reading 4%
  10. Bestival 2%
  11. Latitude 1%

Best type of music to have sex to at a festival

  1. R&B 25%
  2. Dance 22%
  3. Rock 22%
  4. Indie 11%
  5. Metal 8%
  6. Pop 6%
  7. Rap 1%

Best place for sex at a festival

  1. Tent
  2. Car
  3. Campervan
  4. Quiet spot in a field
  5. Yurt (portable round tent)
  6. Backstage
  7. Dance tent
  8. In the crowd
  9. Portaloo

Music website most likely to make you wanna get nude and party

  1. Music Feeds

(Pretty sure that one was unanimous)

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